BRAND NEW DECKS….same old dicks!

Its been a long time fuckers. Whats new? First R.O.W. color graphic (by Mičo), new concrete on Pumpa, Ribnik and the rest of the Europe, 3045 new paintings and 1 ramp by Deso, 7 Broken decks by Kos, 43 pool copings by Skok, 1 van by Kupa, serious job by Garcia, 1 book by Tada, 1 indoor bowl by Jure(in Prestranek), Kovač ripping again after a hard knee operation and Lele waiting for a hard knee operation. Well these are just some highlights that I can remember right now.A lot more happened and maybe we will even post some footage in the near future.
Special thanx to boldrider Lele for all the help with printing the new R.O.W. graphic.With all honesty, this graphic wouldn’t be on skateboards right now if Lele wouldn’t help! Hvala prijatelj…zrihti si nogo čimprej da pripizdimo curb sešn na Pumpi!!!!
Im out, fresh concrete waiting….

Bienvenido a la familia, chaval!

Our fucked up family is getting bigger and bigger. Should put this welcome post and clip of Garcia on the site some months ago. So once again we proved that we are a very lousy “sponsor” and skateboard “company”! For fucks sake, we don`t even have boards in stock since a couple of months now! Hopefully we get some soon… Anyway we spiced up the family with some Catalan flavour and we are fucking proud to have this loco ripper in our gang…who is next?what comes next? stay tuned! till then- Get`em RRRRRiping`

R.O.W. episodes with Alan Fritzinger

Our friend Alan from the States/Spain joined us in our stinky Kangoo for a couple of days and we also stayed at his place in Vic near Barcelona for one week. He showed us how to appreciate nature and how to eat fast food. In these couple od days he filmed some stuff. The result are R.O.W. episodes. Thanks a lot brotha! GET EM RRRIIIIIPPPPIIIINNNGGG!

Filmed by: Alan Fritzinger, DidacBalda     Edit: Alan Fritzinger

New T-shizzle!

We got a new round of sexy T-shirts for you! Perfect for your first date or business meetings…Graphic by Deso. Big thanks to LeLe for printing them!

wwwwwhere we are?

We are back from the longest tour ever. It was a experience with a lot of ups and downs but its too much to write about it now. You have a short report on confusion site but for full video version you will have to wait a little bit (I am progressing fast,5 tapes are already on computer). Untill then check this short video which was filmed by our Spanish/American friend Alan Fritzinger who was with us on the road from Barcelona to Malaga.

There is a lot of stuff new with us. Lets start slow so we dont rape you with 1000 informations, like most of the people do now.

Our young director KUPA is a new flow rider for HOAX. Check their stuff

JURE had an interview for SLOWenian skate site slatnaskejta.

There are also some new R.O.W. members in the family and we are really happy that UROŠ is slowly getting back on the board after a hard knee operation.

New decks are being ordered, shirts and stickers will be printed soon and some more stuff will come in the next days so stay around.


We got some new shit for you… New R.O.W. Trucker hats with skate junkie graphic by Mičo and some hand painted boards by Deso!

Red, green, dark green, blue, brown. One size fits all

 8″, 8.125″, 8.25″, 8.5″,

But that`s not all… Get ready for some new big ass boards, nasty t-shirts and another disgusting round of stickers + some raw recordings of our new band PIG POWER…Coming soon!

Also check the riders and artists section for a bunch of new photos!

R.O.W. Spain/Portugal Winter Tour

 We are running away for the winter to catch some sun and tan, play concerts with our new band PigPower, skate and try to surf. Fuck cold Slovenian winters. Please foward this message to anyone who could help us! Down you have all the info you need! Hello

This is an email from three friends or better brothers from Slovenia. We are into skating, surfing, playing punk rock, drinking beers, drawing, tattooing, photography  and in general having good times with good people. We are planning a tour(from 15.1.2014) and we want to stay on the road as long as we can so we really need some help-especially with shows and photo+drawings exhibitions. We play in a band called PIGPOWER and it would be nice if you or your friend(or his friend) could help us out with some shows and/or exhibitions in shitty clubs, squats, mini ramps, bowls, basements….

There is no greater masterplan behind this tour. Its just escape from our boring town to travel around in a way we always did before-just follow the sun and fun, sleep wherever and eat shit every day. We don’t need much. It would be great if there is some cheap entrance or free donation box to get some money for gas but if you don’t have a club to make a concert/exhibition for us we will also stop by and play on your mini ramp for some beers and a good session. Anyway, we are traveling first to area of Munchen than to Konstanz, Zurich, from Switzerland to France towards south to Barcelona and down to Malaga, Sevilla and Lisbona, up to Porto towards Basque country. If nothing else happens we go from there back to Slovenia.  Our planned route looks something like this:

The way is not stricktly like this. It’s the way we have in mind but it all depends who we’re going to meet and where we end up at the end of the day.

We are three people in the car, Kupa-the guitar player and diehard skater, Tada-singer, bass player and dirty, nasty photographer and Mico-drummer and skater with thousands of shitty drawings and a tattoo gun in his backpack.

You can check our stuff on Tadas blog, his facebook or on website This is it for now. If you are down for a session, a beer or a concert, write us back and we hope to see all of you fuckers somewhere on the road. Thanx for reading this email and special thanks to Jonathan Hay and Hoax for supporting us! Soon!

p.s.: we have our own equipment with us but  we would need a sound system for vocals. No special need for microphones on drums, guitar or bass amplifiers. Direct from amplifiers-loud and raw just for you.