R.O.W. Spain/Portugal Winter Tour

 We are running away for the winter to catch some sun and tan, play concerts with our new band PigPower, skate and try to surf. Fuck cold Slovenian winters. Please foward this message to anyone who could help us! Down you have all the info you need! Hello

This is an email from three friends or better brothers from Slovenia. We are into skating, surfing, playing punk rock, drinking beers, drawing, tattooing, photography  and in general having good times with good people. We are planning a tour(from 15.1.2014) and we want to stay on the road as long as we can so we really need some help-especially with shows and photo+drawings exhibitions. We play in a band called PIGPOWER and it would be nice if you or your friend(or his friend) could help us out with some shows and/or exhibitions in shitty clubs, squats, mini ramps, bowls, basements….

There is no greater masterplan behind this tour. Its just escape from our boring town to travel around in a way we always did before-just follow the sun and fun, sleep wherever and eat shit every day. We don’t need much. It would be great if there is some cheap entrance or free donation box to get some money for gas but if you don’t have a club to make a concert/exhibition for us we will also stop by and play on your mini ramp for some beers and a good session. Anyway, we are traveling first to area of Munchen than to Konstanz, Zurich, from Switzerland to France towards south to Barcelona and down to Malaga, Sevilla and Lisbona, up to Porto towards Basque country. If nothing else happens we go from there back to Slovenia.  Our planned route looks something like this: http://goo.gl/maps/hKn6m

The way is not stricktly like this. It’s the way we have in mind but it all depends who we’re going to meet and where we end up at the end of the day.

We are three people in the car, Kupa-the guitar player and diehard skater, Tada-singer, bass player and dirty, nasty photographer and Mico-drummer and skater with thousands of shitty drawings and a tattoo gun in his backpack.

You can check our stuff on Tadas blog http://tvojanedelja.blogspot.de, his facebook https://www.facebook.com/tvojanedelja or on website http://rowskateboards.com/. This is it for now. If you are down for a session, a beer or a concert, write us back and we hope to see all of you fuckers somewhere on the road. Thanx for reading this email and special thanks to Jonathan Hay and Hoax for supporting us! Soon!

p.s.: we have our own equipment with us but  we would need a sound system for vocals. No special need for microphones on drums, guitar or bass amplifiers. Direct from amplifiers-loud and raw just for you.

We are not dead…yet!!!

Its been a while since the last post, but who fucking cares! We are still alive, shredding and doing our thing but a lot stuff happened and changed in the last couple of months!

Uroš is injured and waiting for knee surgery, Ferit moved back to Zagreb, Kupa and Mičo are building skateparks in Germany, Pumpa almost died but survived in the end, the R.O.W. flat is empty, Deso is moving to Ljubljana, Tada to Dravograd, so we are all over the place! Its time to reorganize and you can expect some new board shapes and graphics soon, also some September wheels from our Swiss friends but in the meantime you can get some fresh Confusion mags issue 7 and support the best skateboard mag around! We also have some old issues left.

Now order your mag, throw away your pretty new smartphone and go skate!

Whole page updated

Hello there R.O.W. fans…all three of you. Not much to say. Just check the web page…it’s completely updated so you have some new stuff in almost every section. Enjoy. Jerk on it. Cum on your keyboard. Lick it.

New graphic and some shit!

OK it`s been a while since the last post. We are still alive, skating, drawing, traveling, playing,drinking, smoking, fucking,… We finally moved to Postojna some time ago where we established the new R.O.W. headquarters and it`s been crazy the last few weeks. Among others, we got a visit from Piper the Screwed master and printed some new decks with new concave and Deso`s pirate graphic! Check them here. Also we are still putting up our vert ramp at Pumpa and last week the whole gang went for a short trip to Belgium to the party des Ursulines and to skate some nice Belgian concrete. Once again a big thanks to Ian and the whole BRUSK crew for having us! That`s it for now fuckers. Check out some pictures and stay tuned!

MiniKino Rock`n`Row

KINO MADE US WHO WE ARE so it was  only natural that after we lost it in 2008, we built a mini version of everything we had there- MINI KINO- a home of a disfunctional and heavy deranged group of people-friends-brothers. Too much happend. Good and bad! Some footage was lost, some couldn’t be edited, but most of what happened was never filmed or documented in any kind of way. We remember everything. We always will! Now it’s time to move on. Mini Kino+Pumpa=Total destruction! This video is maybe 1% of what we experienced in the last couple of years. Watch it and cry! Adios, I’m leaving now……….


Rednecks are back!

After a month and a half in Spain skating and trying to surf we are not so glad to be back in our shitty town. But there are some things to look forward to and I guess that`s what keeps us going! Check out some photos from the tour at the media section.

There is a lot of new stuff going on. As you see we have a new website which works way better than the old one and is much easier to update. So expect more regular updates in the future. The whole site is more or less updated, that`s why I won`t write what`s new and what`s old. Just take a look at it and if you like or don`t like something contact us if you want. Almost forgot-drop by at Pumpa on Friday for a session and R.O.W. the band gig.

Also we brought a new order of boards with us from tour and we have new shapes and concaves waiting to get a R.O.W. graphic and it`s just a matter of time when they will be on the shelves.

Winter is almost here and it`s time to put our vert ramp to sleep and wake up the little beast in MiniKino. So it`s your last chance to hook up for a vert session this year or you can always come for a skate session and  a beer to the R.O.W. headquarters during the snowy days-if you are not an asshole.

That`s it for now fuckers! Stay tuned!

R.O.W. gang

It’s time for rock n r.o.w.!!!!

After a long and exhousting winter days r.o.w. is finally here. Don’t get me wrong it was fun learning all this new stuff but we are glad all the waiting and bothering with birocracy is over.
Not much to say here, just check out the web page and you’ll get the picture what we stand for. If you’ll like what we do we hope we’ll meet some day and share that, if not that’s ok too.
You can support r.o.w. family in different ways. One is to buy something but it’s not your money we want. You can come visit us and be a part of what we do. You’ll sleep on the ramp, eat pizza, drink beer and if you’re not spoiled fuckers who need a hotel and a shower to relax you will have a great time for sure!!!!
Do it yourself and remember: EVERYDAY IS A SKATEDAY!