Blank boards on sale!!!

R.O.W. is dead so we decided not to print graphics on our last order of boards and sell them as blanks instead. The boards are from USA made in the Bareback/Generator factory (Anti-hero, Real,Krooked,…). The price is 25e+postage (write for orders and postage on or get them in person at Deso´s atelier (ROG, Ljubljana-041 586 958).

R.O.W. je mrtev in zato smo se odlocli da ne natisnemo zadnjih grafik in prodamo blank dile. Dile so USA made od 8´´-8.8´´. Cena je 25e+postnina. Za narocilo in stroske postnine pisite na ali pa poklicite Desona (041 586 958) in dvignite dilo osebno pri njemu v ROG-u(Lj.)

R.O.W. Interview in CONFUSION#6 (OUT NOW!)

No bmx, no snowboarding, no fake bullshit! Just skateboarding and everything that is tightly connected to it! This is Confusion!

Don’t wait for the computer free version you cheap ass fuckers-buy it on paper and support Johnny(the confusion chief) who is losing money doing this for us-skateboarders!

You can get one from R.O.W.(send us email). It’s 4eur and i don’t need to say it again-we or Johhny don’t get ANY MONEY out of it!!!!!

It’s ALL about skateboarding!!!!!!!!!!

Soon we’re gonna update the whole webpage with new photos, videos and other shit.   And there is also a rumour that there is a new rider on R.O.W. Maybe it’s not a rumour…..who knows…..

Today we die!

Some of you probably thought we drank ourself to death, some of you wondered if we are on rehab, maybe there are still some that think we gave up on life and there are for sure some that think we stoped skating and start attending latino-dance classes. Well we don’t need to do a post every time we take a shit or somebody breaks up with his girlfriend…….this is what we did for skateboarding and skateboarders this summer….

For those who still don’t know-this is Pumpa(in Postojna) where we moved 5 months ago….united with Boldriders we relocated our vert ramp to the woods behind pumpa, rebuild  the crapy spine and did a speed bump next to it which leads you to a snakerun that ends with vert…at the end we added one tight quarter with pool copings to connect everything together…..and dont forget-four years ago Boldriders build a mini ramp inside Pumpa and one year later a bowl with pool copings …some say Pumpa is Skatopia of the balkans…come skate it and judge for yourself. Love and respect to our older bold brothers(Old niferents)

Next year-POOL!!!!!! Die fuckersThanx Tomo, Tipče and Mario for photos and everyone that brought us beer and food while we were working or helped in any kind of way. As always, you know who you are…and we know it too!

Last MiniKino session

The thanks to Kiki from Zagreb for the photos! Check their skate video festival this weekend in Sretna Kuča.

NEW R.O.W. GRAPHIC BY DESO IS COMING OUT IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Build and Skate!

The last party…ever!

MiniKino (current R.O.W. headquarters) is counting it`s final days in Dravograd. Come if you dare to the last session, expo (Good kids by Tada), concert (R.O.W.+Pumpa band+Dead moon cover band), birthday party (Deso & Tada)… There will also be a premiere of a skate video about MiniKino and a benifit bar. All the money goes for renovating and moving our vert ramp to Pumpa. What else do you need you spoiled fucks?

Come and support some good old d.i.y. skateboarding! Pure destruction is guaranteed!

Confusion #4

Last post was about Screwed adult harware. Their teamrider and our good friend Ferit Batir has a interview in the new issue of Confusion magazine, which will be available soon at our R.O.W. distro, so contact us if you want a fresh copy.


And on-location reports from: Mellowpark DIY (Berlin, Germany), Pumpa Bowl (Slovenia), Felem Bowl (Japan), and Owl Bowl (Cologne, Germany).

Confusion Magazine represents the underground, DIY international skate scene and culture; the under represented, not the over promoted. Available at hardcore skate shops around the world.


Screwed-R.O.W. collaboration

Hello fuckers! Here we are with some news from “the office”.

If you haven`t heard about Screwed adult hardware already then something must be wrong with you!? It`s a punk ass, no bullshit, diy company straight out of cop town Konstanz, Germany and is run by two really nice guys Piper and Tino. Recently Mičo and Deso had the opportunity to draw some stuff for them and their drawings found a nice place on some nice silk screened T-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and stickers.

So check out their site and hit them up if you need some bolts or a shirt.