It’s time for rock n r.o.w.!!!!

After a long and exhousting winter days r.o.w. is finally here. Don’t get me wrong it was fun learning all this new stuff but we are glad all the waiting and bothering with birocracy is over.
Not much to say here, just check out the web page and you’ll get the picture what we stand for. If you’ll like what we do we hope we’ll meet some day and share that, if not that’s ok too.
You can support r.o.w. family in different ways. One is to buy something but it’s not your money we want. You can come visit us and be a part of what we do. You’ll sleep on the ramp, eat pizza, drink beer and if you’re not spoiled fuckers who need a hotel and a shower to relax you will have a great time for sure!!!!
Do it yourself and remember: EVERYDAY IS A SKATEDAY!