Rednecks are back!

After a month and a half in Spain skating and trying to surf we are not so glad to be back in our shitty town. But there are some things to look forward to and I guess that`s what keeps us going! Check out some photos from the tour at the media section.

There is a lot of new stuff going on. As you see we have a new website which works way better than the old one and is much easier to update. So expect more regular updates in the future. The whole site is more or less updated, that`s why I won`t write what`s new and what`s old. Just take a look at it and if you like or don`t like something contact us if you want. Almost forgot-drop by at Pumpa on Friday for a session and R.O.W. the band gig.

Also we brought a new order of boards with us from tour and we have new shapes and concaves waiting to get a R.O.W. graphic and it`s just a matter of time when they will be on the shelves.

Winter is almost here and it`s time to put our vert ramp to sleep and wake up the little beast in MiniKino. So it`s your last chance to hook up for a vert session this year or you can always come for a skate session and  a beer to the R.O.W. headquarters during the snowy days-if you are not an asshole.

That`s it for now fuckers! Stay tuned!

R.O.W. gang