Hello fuckers!

It’s been one hell of a ride for R.O.W. these last two weeks!

On 17.11. the whole crew (Row the band+Lele, Fočo, Ferit and Deso) went together in Heilbronn where we once again proved it’s better not to invite us somewhere.

On the way we stoped  in Munchen to check the new bowl+pool. Great park, nice session and again free shoes.Too many things happened to describe them all so i’ll just writte the key words: Strong Belgium beer (thanx to Allin!), fireworks, wigs, whiskey, dicks, Heidelberg session, stupid haircuts, dead moon show, žabice, Lele show, Sultan pizza, out of control after party, tattoo sessions (thanx for studio Aron!), PlemPlem ocupation and so on….even shorter version is: It was fuckin great!!!!!

After we went home Ferit and Deso came with us in Dravograd where we stayed till friday and did 9 tattoos in 3 days. Full of new sexy tattoos we continued the trip to Postojna/Prestrank. Great bowl and mini ramp session at Pumpa and later on an unplaned concert in MCP with some tight ass punks. Somehow we managed to make their asses and pussies even tighter.

Next day was a benefit session and a concert in Prestrank. They were raising money for the first indoor bowl in Slovenia which they (with your and our help!) are going to build in spring. Session was crazy and concert even crazier since i couldn’t plug in the microfone so i put cabel straight in my ass and Tada was down on his knees with my dick in his mouth(short insight what was going on). Check out some photos from the last two weeks here and browse the riders section for some new sequences and photos.

Thanx to all the good people who supported (and still support) our circus…Lele, Fočo+other Boldriders, Sergej, Kai, Aron, Miriamski, Alinski, Mare,Iza, Prestrank crew, girls who were dancing on the šank+not many more…ajde pičke