Last MiniKino session

The thanks to Kiki from Zagreb for the photos! Check their skate video festival this weekend in Sretna Kuča.

NEW R.O.W. GRAPHIC BY DESO IS COMING OUT IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MiniKino Rock`n`Row

KINO MADE US WHO WE ARE so it was  only natural that after we lost it in 2008, we built a mini version of everything we had there- MINI KINO- a home of a disfunctional and heavy deranged group of people-friends-brothers. Too much happend. Good and bad! Some footage was lost, some couldn’t be edited, but most of what happened was never filmed or documented in any kind of way. We remember everything. We always will! Now it’s time to move on. Mini Kino+Pumpa=Total destruction! This video is maybe 1% of what we experienced in the last couple of years. Watch it and cry! Adios, I’m leaving now……….