R.O.W. Interview in CONFUSION#6 (OUT NOW!)

No bmx, no snowboarding, no fake bullshit! Just skateboarding and everything that is tightly connected to it! This is Confusion!

Don’t wait for the computer free version you cheap ass fuckers-buy it on paper and support Johnny(the confusion chief) who is losing money doing this for us-skateboarders!

You can get one from R.O.W.(send us email). It’s 4eur and i don’t need to say it again-we or Johhny don’t get ANY MONEY out of it!!!!!

It’s ALL about skateboarding!!!!!!!!!!

Soon we’re gonna update the whole webpage with new photos, videos and other shit.   And there is also a rumour that there is a new rider on R.O.W. Maybe it’s not a rumour…..who knows…..