We are not dead…yet!!!

Its been a while since the last post, but who fucking cares! We are still alive, shredding and doing our thing but a lot stuff happened and changed in the last couple of months!

Uroš is injured and waiting for knee surgery, Ferit moved back to Zagreb, Kupa and Mičo are building skateparks in Germany, Pumpa almost died but survived in the end, the R.O.W. flat is empty, Deso is moving to Ljubljana, Tada to Dravograd, so we are all over the place! Its time to reorganize and you can expect some new board shapes and graphics soon, also some September wheels from our Swiss friends but in the meantime you can get some fresh Confusion mags issue 7 and support the best skateboard mag around! We also have some old issues left.

Now order your mag, throw away your pretty new smartphone and go skate!