BRAND NEW DECKS….same old dicks!

Its been a long time fuckers. Whats new? First R.O.W. color graphic (by Mičo), new concrete on Pumpa, Ribnik and the rest of the Europe, 3045 new paintings and 1 ramp by Deso, 7 Broken decks by Kos, 43 pool copings by Skok, 1 van by Kupa, serious job by Garcia, 1 book by Tada, 1 indoor bowl by Jure(in Prestranek), Kovač ripping again after a hard knee operation and Lele waiting for a hard knee operation. Well these are just some highlights that I can remember right now.A lot more happened and maybe we will even post some footage in the near future.
Special thanx to boldrider Lele for all the help with printing the new R.O.W. graphic.With all honesty, this graphic wouldn’t be on skateboards right now if Lele wouldn’t help! Hvala prijatelj…zrihti si nogo čimprej da pripizdimo curb sešn na Pumpi!!!!
Im out, fresh concrete waiting….