wwwwwhere we are?

We are back from the longest tour ever. It was a experience with a lot of ups and downs but its too much to write about it now. You have a short report on confusion site but for full video version you will have to wait a little bit (I am progressing fast,5 tapes are already on computer). Untill then check this short video which was filmed by our Spanish/American friend Alan Fritzinger who was with us on the road from Barcelona to Malaga.

There is a lot of stuff new with us. Lets start slow so we dont rape you with 1000 informations, like most of the people do now.

Our young director KUPA is a new flow rider for HOAX. Check their stuff

JURE had an interview for SLOWenian skate site slatnaskejta.

There are also some new R.O.W. members in the family and we are really happy that UROŠ is slowly getting back on the board after a hard knee operation.

New decks are being ordered, shirts and stickers will be printed soon and some more stuff will come in the next days so stay around.

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