PlemPlem is consum education space. born out of Basementizid project and with d.i.y. spirit in Heilbronn but its also in Milano, Postojna and Washingtn Street.

Blog by our dear friends from Postojna where they build and create at Pumpa(squated gas station). These guys are all about DIY skateboarding and crazy out off control parties. Support that shit or go skate with Sheckler!

Confusion Magazine represents the anti- corporate, underground, DIY international skate scene & culture; the under represented, not the over promoted. Available at hardcore skate shops around the world

Tvojanedelja is a thing run by Tadej Vaukman, and it’s all about his approach to the things he does.

“The philosophy of screwed is simple. We don’t care a lot.” A punks-ass skater-owned company from our dear friend Piper straight out of coptown Konstanz

Beli sladoled (White ice cream) is a world-known painting group consisting of two academic painters, Miha Perne and Leon Zuodar