A lot of people are asking us what’s up with R.O.W. the band? The situation is like this.

We don’t live in the same town anymore(except Mičo and Kupa) so we can’t really practice anymore. We are still friends, we still see us and get wasted together and maybe someday we’ll play again if the planets get back in the right position. That’s it.

I know there will never  be such a good band again as R.O.W. but don’t worry- we are working on getting as close as possible. We made a practice room at Pumpa and there are already two bands playing some good old dirty punkrock/hardcore punk, or however you want  to label it.

One band is Kupa, Ferit and Mičo, (called ANTI-PSYCHIATRY) and the other is Tipče, Fočo, Kupa and Mičo(called SRČKI)…soon there will be some shitty recordings and even more shittier concerts so be patient.

Here you have a Srčki koncert video from Zagreb to tickle your balls and moist your vaginas.

And here you still have some stuff from R.O.W. the band