Let’s make this clear once and for all.

We get quite a lot of ”sponsor me” emails and we are happy to see that some of you like what we do and want to represent R.O.W.  But you have to realize that we are a small company which sells just enough boards to order new shiping and countinue the stuff we do.

Pretty much all the footage sent to us is amazing skating but we were never (and will never be) impressed only by tricks. R.O.W. is a family, all riders are friends and we don’t see us running this company any other way. So please don’t expect sponsorship from us.

We give ourselves away to skateboarding in many other ways but we can’t help you here. We don’t want to support people if we really don’t know them. In any kind of way.

We’ll be more than happy if you’ll still send us footage, drawings, photos of dicks, pussies and other shit, just so we know that good motivated people exist out there. Maybe someday we’ll meet, drink a beer together and have a good time. You never know, we can become good friends, then you become a part of the R.O.W. family and the rest just happens.