Leon Zuodar-LeLe

LeLe is one relaxed motherfucker. I`ve met him thru d.i.y. skateboarding. It wasn`t difficult to find him, because there is not a lot of true d.i.y. belivers here in this small Slovenia. His energy at what he does is just amazing and this can be seen through his paintings, drawings and just everyday things he does. I don`t wanna writte here in a portofolio kind of a way, couse he`s just not like that, allthough he has so many solo exhibitions behind him, self-published books and zines. And the story goes on! If you want to get to know him than it`s probably the best way for you that you hit Slovenia and visit Boldrider Bowl at Pumpa in Postojna, where he`s rippin` it everyday.