CONFUSION #6 (also some copys of #5, #4, #3, #2, #1 still available). Price: 4 EUR

Confusion is an underground skateboarding magazine with a primary interest in DIY skate spots and skater built concrete parks in local scenes all over the world. The magazine also covers sub-genres of these underground scenes with a partial focus on somewhat undiscovered music, art and occasionally some hardcore surfing.


“this is a story about friendship, skateboarding and death” -tadej vaukman

11 A4 b&w photocopied photographs, zine comes with an audio CD, price: 3 EUR


Skateboarding is about having fun made by Kupa. Nice summer skateboarding photos and short but sweet comments. The title says it all.

A5/16pages/3 EUR


Sladko se mi jebe is d.i.y. skate/hate/bizaro zine made by Mičo.

Cut’n'paste/A4/16pages/3 EUR (First three numbers mostly in Slovenian language, 4th number in English)


“…forever teenage chaos…”

21 A4 b&w photocopied photos, video tape plastic case, limited edition of 18 zines, was available at the opening of a group show at PlemPlem Tragfläche (at the Bright Trade Show 2011), price: 8 EUR


Personal zine about relationship/love by Tadej Vaukman,

“rough cut” format, 10 b&w photocopied pages + handwritten, never posted love letter and CD with a song, which helps you to get back from Hell. 15 copies made, price: 3 EUR


Depressed winter sad/skate zine                                                                                   copy’n paste -7 A4 pages, price: 0,50 EUR or contact for trade


put MODERN TALKING and POLONA in GUSTI in the mixer and this is what you get. dance/kissing music for rainy days.

CREATURES split zine made by Deso and Mare
more anatomic and still life drawings from this drawing prodigy.
silk screen covers, 30 pages.