New graphic and some shit!

OK it`s been a while since the last post. We are still alive, skating, drawing, traveling, playing,drinking, smoking, fucking,… We finally moved to Postojna some time ago where we established the new R.O.W. headquarters and it`s been crazy the last few weeks. Among others, we got a visit from Piper the Screwed master and printed some new decks with new concave and Deso`s pirate graphic! Check them here. Also we are still putting up our vert ramp at Pumpa and last week the whole gang went for a short trip to Belgium to the party des Ursulines and to skate some nice Belgian concrete. Once again a big thanks to Ian and the whole BRUSK crew for having us! That`s it for now fuckers. Check out some pictures and stay tuned!

Last MiniKino session

The thanks to Kiki from Zagreb for the photos! Check their skate video festival this weekend in Sretna Kuča.

NEW R.O.W. GRAPHIC BY DESO IS COMING OUT IN MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MiniKino Rock`n`Row

KINO MADE US WHO WE ARE so it was  only natural that after we lost it in 2008, we built a mini version of everything we had there- MINI KINO- a home of a disfunctional and heavy deranged group of people-friends-brothers. Too much happend. Good and bad! Some footage was lost, some couldn’t be edited, but most of what happened was never filmed or documented in any kind of way. We remember everything. We always will! Now it’s time to move on. Mini Kino+Pumpa=Total destruction! This video is maybe 1% of what we experienced in the last couple of years. Watch it and cry! Adios, I’m leaving now……….


Build and Skate!

The last party…ever!

MiniKino (current R.O.W. headquarters) is counting it`s final days in Dravograd. Come if you dare to the last session, expo (Good kids by Tada), concert (R.O.W.+Pumpa band+Dead moon cover band), birthday party (Deso & Tada)… There will also be a premiere of a skate video about MiniKino and a benifit bar. All the money goes for renovating and moving our vert ramp to Pumpa. What else do you need you spoiled fucks?

Come and support some good old d.i.y. skateboarding! Pure destruction is guaranteed!

Confusion #4

Last post was about Screwed adult harware. Their teamrider and our good friend Ferit Batir has a interview in the new issue of Confusion magazine, which will be available soon at our R.O.W. distro, so contact us if you want a fresh copy.


And on-location reports from: Mellowpark DIY (Berlin, Germany), Pumpa Bowl (Slovenia), Felem Bowl (Japan), and Owl Bowl (Cologne, Germany).

Confusion Magazine represents the underground, DIY international skate scene and culture; the under represented, not the over promoted. Available at hardcore skate shops around the world.


Screwed-R.O.W. collaboration

Hello fuckers! Here we are with some news from “the office”.

If you haven`t heard about Screwed adult hardware already then something must be wrong with you!? It`s a punk ass, no bullshit, diy company straight out of cop town Konstanz, Germany and is run by two really nice guys Piper and Tino. Recently Mičo and Deso had the opportunity to draw some stuff for them and their drawings found a nice place on some nice silk screened T-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies and stickers.

So check out their site and hit them up if you need some bolts or a shirt.

Hello fuckers!

It’s been one hell of a ride for R.O.W. these last two weeks!

On 17.11. the whole crew (Row the band+Lele, Fočo, Ferit and Deso) went together in Heilbronn where we once again proved it’s better not to invite us somewhere.

On the way we stoped  in Munchen to check the new bowl+pool. Great park, nice session and again free shoes.Too many things happened to describe them all so i’ll just writte the key words: Strong Belgium beer (thanx to Allin!), fireworks, wigs, whiskey, dicks, Heidelberg session, stupid haircuts, dead moon show, žabice, Lele show, Sultan pizza, out of control after party, tattoo sessions (thanx for studio Aron!), PlemPlem ocupation and so on….even shorter version is: It was fuckin great!!!!!

After we went home Ferit and Deso came with us in Dravograd where we stayed till friday and did 9 tattoos in 3 days. Full of new sexy tattoos we continued the trip to Postojna/Prestrank. Great bowl and mini ramp session at Pumpa and later on an unplaned concert in MCP with some tight ass punks. Somehow we managed to make their asses and pussies even tighter.

Next day was a benefit session and a concert in Prestrank. They were raising money for the first indoor bowl in Slovenia which they (with your and our help!) are going to build in spring. Session was crazy and concert even crazier since i couldn’t plug in the microfone so i put cabel straight in my ass and Tada was down on his knees with my dick in his mouth(short insight what was going on). Check out some photos from the last two weeks here and browse the riders section for some new sequences and photos.

Thanx to all the good people who supported (and still support) our circus…Lele, Fočo+other Boldriders, Sergej, Kai, Aron, Miriamski, Alinski, Mare,Iza, Prestrank crew, girls who were dancing on the šank+not many more…ajde pičke